Colorful street banners for the Gracia Festival
23 April, 2017
Visual Communication Final Projects 2016 / 17
25 June, 2017
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Sónar+D 2017

WORDS is an interactive installation showed in last edition of the Sónar+D 2017, developed by our students Danae Fisher, Milena Roses and Junior González, where the audience’s words materialize into visual statements. Interacting through their words, the audience will see them stored inside the installation together with those of other people.
WORDS es una instalación interactiva presentada en la última edición de Sónar+D 2017, desarrollada por nuestros alumnos Danae Fisher, Milena Roses y Junior González, donde las palabras se materializan visualmente y quedan almacenadas junto a las voces del resto de participantes.