Visual Communication Final Projects
12 June, 2016
Final Project Exhibition write-up by Gráffica
6 July, 2016
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Two bronze awards at Laus 2016

Luiza Lacava and Kristhal Samanian, have won each a bronze at the Laus Awards 2106 with their final projects in graphic design. The projects “Fabric, Fabrica, Fabrication” (Luiza) and “Hyle” (Kristhal) are two books that look at the process of denim production carried out by a leading textile firm from Valencia, Royo Textile. Congratulations to Luiza and Kristhal.
Luiza Lacava y Kristhal Samanian, han ganado cada una un bronce en los premios Laus de 2016, con dos proyectos editoriales de final de carrera. Los proyectos “Fabric, Fabrica, Fabrication” (Luiza) y “Hyle” (Kristhal) son dos libros que tratan sobre la fabricación del Denim que lleva a cabo una importante empresa textil de Valencia llamada Royo Textile. Enhorabuna a Luiza y a Kristhal.